“We want our community to be design rich, that’s why regional design firms support bringing work to local makers.


The Beginning




The Reality

The idea for an online resource that would allow designers to easily source local collaborators, and at the same time bring much needed exposure to those in Portland’s maker economy, was born out of professional frustration. As an architect, I found myself spending countless hours trying to track down specialized craftspeople for featured elements. As the chair of a professional committee devoted to supporting women in the design field, I listened as colleagues expressed concern about their work not receiving deserved credit and consequently hindering their professional growth.  As I pondered ways to resolve these issues surrounding discovery and promotion, I started to become acutely aware that Portland’s creative community was fracturing.

Portland gains over 1000 people per month, this continued growth will add over 260,000 residents by 2035. This trend creates an absence of affordable housing, as the cost of owning a home or workplace grows continually out of reach.  The gentrification that the city is experiencing continues to deplete the landscape of art-focused neighborhoods, which had previously supplied manufacturing & creative space for a diverse group of craftspeople. This prolonged disparity means many artists and makers are being forced out of the city core, the creative community is being disrupted and displaced.

A Solution

PdxC tangibly reduces the detrimental effects of a community displaced, by making it easy to source and connect with collaborators who still see Portland as their base. Architects and designers need local resources to create successful projects. Many of these collaborating craftspeople do not get the credit they deserve when projects are introduced to the press and the public. Not only does PdxC expand the maker’s network, it promotes the opportunity for the architectural community to integrate unique local solutions into their built work - to tangibly and visibly affect the fabric of this city and region.

PdxC Tools

Like having all the right supplies in your toolbox, the goal of PdxC is to put all these resources at your fingertips immediately:

  • Curated listing of makers and artisanal manufacturers whose work has been reviewed for suitability by a panel of building design professionals

  • Interactive maps based on location and search needs

  • Feedback and testimonials from designers based on past work

  • Maker profiles highlighting their process and products

  • High-resolution images suitable for design proposals and concept research

Get Involved

Your support is critical in making this resource a reality!

Do you see the value of this resource at an individual level, benefitting professional collaborations? Do you appreciate a straight-forward way to connect to local artisans early in the design process? Do you champion the big picture idea, as a means to support a dynamic economic regional livelihood?


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